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 VALVE DOTA 2 !!!!!!

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Gian Carlo

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PostSubject: VALVE DOTA 2 !!!!!!   Sat Oct 30, 2010 7:23 am

The new DotA 2 Logo from Valve

Gameinformer article: Valve's New Game Announced, Detailed: Dota 2

You can view the full version of the DotA 2 article by Gameinformer.
*That is the mirror link for those who cannot access

For the quick summary of the long Dota article, read on below.

Quick Summary of the Gameinformer DotA 2 Article:

1st Part introduces DotA to the mainstream audience.
- Valve confirms the DotA 2 rumors and speculations.
- DotA is a Warcraft 3 custom map currently being maintained by Icefrog.
- The DotA based games genre is explored: LoL and HoN are mentioned.
- Dota 2 is the game title of the stand-alone version of DotA by Valve.
DotA 2 will be the entry of Valve to the booming DotA based game genre.

2nd Part explains what Valve Corporation can bring to the DotA based game genre.
- DotA 2's Gameplay will be the same as the original DotA All-Stars mod.
- Erik Johnson praises Icefrog as one of the smartest game designers he has ever met.
- The DotA 2 map will be the same as the Wc3 version.
- Source will be the game engine for Dota 2.
- Steamworks will be upgraded for Dota 2
- All 100+ Heroes will be available to play at once.
- The DotA community will play an important part in suggesting stuff.
- AI bots can take over for players who disconnect.
- Custom voice work introduced.
- Coaching system and interactive guides.
Basically, Dota 2 will be DotA vanilla but with better features.

3rd Part talks about riding the DotA 2 Skill curve.
- The average DotA game duration is mentioned.
- It mentions that the DotA community is hostile to beginners.
- Skill based Matchmaking will be in place.
- Interactive guides will help new players.
- Prominent Dota 2 Guide makers will have their work tied in-game.
- Dota 2 veterans can use the coaching system to teach noobs.
- Private voice and chat channels will be available. (take that BattleNet!)
- Achievements
- Gabe Newell says practically the same thing as Johnson regarding Icefrog.
- DotA 2 will be available on PC and Mac.
Valve will be aiming to foster community spirit.
Editor Notes: Granted, this is one of the hardest things to accomplish since the DotA community has a terrible reputation.

That was the summary for the Introduction of DotA 2 to the world.

One thing going for the Valve DotA Based Game is it's lead developer. Since Icefrog is credited for bringing DotA to it's peak, a lot of DotA players will be following Icefrog and the Valve DotA project. Expectations are quite high since both Icefrog and Valve have generally good reputations when it comes to their craft.

Editor notes: One notable game in the DotA genre is Heroes of Newerth, a 30 dollar game from a game company with a cult following. HoN is currently marked by long-time DotA veterans as the only worthy successor to DotA so far. All these can change if Valve meets the high expectations from both the DotA and Steam communities.

This is Bloodseeker in DotA 2.
You can now download the DotA 2 hero wallpapers.

About the DotA Genre
When Icefrog took over the reigns of DotA All-Stars from Guinsoo, Icefrog had to rebuild the map from scratch. Through the new developer's persistence and hardwork, DotA exploded to become one of the most played Warcraft mods in the world. It became so popular that a genre was aptly named after it. Combining the spirit of RTS and RPG into one genre came forth a new one - the DotA Based Game genre.

Dota 2 Editor notes: This is actually not the 1st genre to be named after a game. The sub-genre "Rougelike" is named after Rogue, a game released back in the 1980s.

About Valve
Valve is the company behind award-winning titles like Counter-Strike and Portal.

Dota 2 Editor notes: This will not be the first time that Valve will be turning a mod into a full-fledged game. The popular Counter-Strike actually started as a mod.

NeutralCreeps is a blog dedicated to DotA and has been delivering DotA news since 2008.
We welcome writers who can contribute valuable DotA insights.
Want your DotA articles to be featured? Contact @NeutralCreeps.

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VALVE DOTA 2 !!!!!!
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