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 Signature Rules

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Aeypril's Fiance`
Aeypril's Fiance`

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PostSubject: Signature Rules   Tue Oct 26, 2010 5:53 pm

Signature Rules:

* Signatures (images, text, and blanks lines COMBINED) must be under 150 pixels tall and 650 pixels wide.
* File size must be under 300 kB.
* No links that give rewards (i.e. benefits, like discounts or purchase points) from member clicks.
* No offensive content (swearing, adult links, annoying flashes, etc), or links to pranks or illegal content.
* No images showing the other user's IP Address, service provider, operating system, etc.
* No links that log users out of the forum.

Text lines longer than 650 pixels are OK if they automatically wrap.
Images, text, and blank lines COMBINED must be under 150 pixels tall --
not just each image separately.

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Signature Rules
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